Guitar, Drum, and Piano Lessons-  We have skilled musicians ready to teach you how to play!  Our lessons are suited for all ages, from beginner to expert levels!


Studio Recording Sessions-  Choirs, Live bands, Studio Artists of all types are welcome!  We have 3 studios to support your needs.  


Mixing-  Enhance your recordings with radio quality mixes from skilled technicians!  A pro mix can be the deciding factor whether your song makes it to the radio or not.


Mastering-  Get your pre-recorded music mastered or take your mixes to the next level by a professional.  Mastering your music ensures that EVERY song on your album is sonically where it needs to be!


Production-  Have multi-talented Producers create for you in any genre including songwriting!  Our Producers have major placements in the industry and will have NO problem making your vision come to life!


Rehearsal Room-  Fully Functional Rehearsal Room when need.  Our Rehearsal space is large enough for a  small orchestra, church choir, or live band.


Photography/ Video Production-  Professional Photography/ Music Videos/ Graphic Design/ Album Art.  On location or off location.  


CD Duplication-  Get your album pressed up by high definition duplicators for a true "One-Stop-Shop" experience.